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The Life After Diets Community was born in the summer of 2021, when Sarah Dosanjh and Stefanie Michele came together to start a podcast after a year of following each other’s work on social media. As like-minded individuals with a passion for looking at the deeper layers of binge eating recovery in relatable ways, Sarah & Stef starting sharing their thoughts through story-telling and conversation through the Life After Diets podcast.

They are passionate about building a community for their listeners to connect and work through their challenges with food and body image. The community is expanding to include events, private groups, and workshops in the hopes of reducing shame and stigma around binge eating disorder and offering people hope, camaraderie and connection.

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Our community costs as little as £10 to join. As a valued member you will be invited to connect with others at our monthly online support meetings on Zoom and have access to bonus video content, live episodes and a warm welcome into our private Facebook community.

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