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stefanie michele life after diets

Stefanie Michele

Stefanie is a certified coach helping people heal from the binge-restrict cycle and body image issues. After recovering from a 25-year eating disorder, Stefanie left her full-time job as an occupational therapist to help others find freedom from diet culture and reclaim their authentic selves. She works with people in 1:1 and group programs to address binge recovery, body image healing, and gentle nutrition. Programs and additional information available via her website: and on Instagram and Facebook @iamstefaniemichele.

Stefanie lives in NJ, USA with her husband and three daughters, and is currently pursuing a degree in counseling therapy.
sarah dosanjh life after diets

Sarah Dosanjh

Sarah is a psychotherapist and author of the book I Can’t Stop Eating. After struggling with binge eating disorder and bulimia for over a decade, she found recovery and made the decision to switch her career to focus full-time on helping other people make peace with food and their body.

To work with Sarah please visit her website You can check out Sarah’s YouTube channel The Binge Eating Therapist where she regularly posts videos about binge eating recovery.

She is based in London, UK.

Sarah's book is available to order on Amazon