Brighton non diet event

Join us in Brighton on Monday 20th May for a one-off collaboration between Marcus Kain (of Strong Not Starving podcast) and Sarah Dosanjh & Stefanie Michele (of Life After Diets podcast). We will be hosting an evening of ‘wellness’ talks with a twist and we want you to join the conversation.

Is it really possible to pursue wellness from a nondiet perspective, or are we kidding ourselves that we can be happy & healthy when we’re not trying to get our hunger under control? These are important questions in a world that seems to be hell bent on losing weight at all costs.

The evening starts at 7pm and comprises 3 thought-provoking talks followed by a Q&A. Tickets cost £16.50

The Talks

Stefanie Michele Life After Diets co-host

“I Know” vs “I Feel”

Eating disorder coach Stef will be addressing the question; why are we so obsessed with our weight? Even when we “know” all The Things — that we are more than our body, that size doesn’t equal health, that our bodies are the least interesting thing about us — why do we still feel so invested in it?? Is it even possible to stop caring so much about how we look — and if so, how?

Sarah Dosanjh Life After Diets co-host

Making the Unconscious Conscious

Listen to psychotherapist Sarah describe some of the psychological barriers to making changes that promote our health. How do we know when our subconscious is working against us? If you are fed up of self-sabotaging your efforts to improve your health, this is a talk you’ll want to listen to.

Marcus Kain

Simplify to Amplify

Nutrition coach and trainer Marcus shows you how simple the best program for you can really be. Workouts built on buzzwords fail every time and he’s ready to dispel lies the commercial fitness industry is telling you, daily, and share the keys for lifelong success with exercise.

Meet Your Hosts

life after diets podcast

What happens when you bring together a health coach and a psychotherapist who each have a unique eating disorder recovery story to share? You get the Life After Diets podcast! Health coach Stefanie Michele and psychotherapist Sarah Dosanjh meet every week to discuss how to find sanity with food and make peace with your body on the other side of dieting. When your life has been consumed by ‘fixing’ your body and ‘controlling’ your appetite, they seek to address the question: not dieting, now what?

Marcus Kain

Beating Binge Eating and working through body image challenges are Marcus Kain’s specialties as an Eating Disorder Informed Nutrition Coach and Trainer. After struggling with eating disorders during a 10 year career in the fitness industry, Marcus now helps others via the Strong Not Starving podcast, and private coaching.

The Venue

Rock Place

West, 2-5 Rock Place

Brighton Rock Place

Rock PLace Brighton